About Us

Pixsan exists with one goal in mind: Bringing high-quality,
enterprise-level services to businesses of all sizes

San Diego Digital Marketing and Web Design Services

Who We Are

Comprised of industry professionals who have spent a combined 50+ years working for Fortune 100 companies, Pixsan is dedicated to ensuring success for all our clients.

We bring our experience and combined talents to your project, with the goal of helping your company grow and succeed. We can help with everything from strategic planning to ongoing marketing services. Our goal is to produce good work and ensure our clients achieve their goals

We work with startups and established businesses to produce websites that are optimized for SEO, attractive, suited to your brand, and designed for your success. In essence, we offer a variety of solutions and services to help you develop the online presence you need to grow and succeed.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to your success, and we support it through creativity, experience, and hard work. We apply the same level of work ethic to every project, whether it’s a redesign or a full website build. However, we don’t just stop at web design, we also have tailored online marketing solutions that are designed to meet your needs.

We understand the needs of both SMBs and large businesses in various industries. Each client is provided with a solution based on their needs, using tactics we have found to deliver results.  Our mission is to be dependable, dedicated, and helpful. We want to ensure your success and have fun doing it.

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What Make Us Great

So, what makes us great, and why should you pick Pixsan? Here are some reasons:

Dependable & Dedicated

When you hire us you hire a dependable team that is your partner. We view ourselves as an extension of your internal team, all working towards the same goals. We pride ourselves on being reliable partners that  support you and your business now and
in the future.


We keep our prices reasonable. We offer flat-rate, monthly contracts (that include all the services you need) in a custom package deal. Most contracts start with only a 3 or 6 month commitment and transition to month to month after that.  This means that you won’t be tied to a long-term contract.


Our team of designers work closely with you to create a beautiful and functional design, keeping the User Experience paramount.

Marketing Genius

We understand the art and science of online marketing, and our years of experience allow us to excel at both. We can help you build your business from the ground up.

Driving Traffic

We are experts at getting traffic to your site, and while we can’t guarantee 100% success, we often come close. Most importantly, we keep up with marketing trends and search engine algorithm changes. We work hard to ensure that your site does not become outdated and instead, continues to deliver the results you want.


Yes, we take what we do seriously, but we also enjoy what we do. Our enthusiasm is infectious and helps us deliver great results for our clients.