Case Study: Axiom Materials

Posted On: November 17, 2023

About Axiom Materials

Axiom Materials, Inc., is a progressive composite materials manufacturer founded with the intention of combining a quality prepreg, adhesive, and ancillary composite products platform with customer-focused service and forward-thinking design. Their reputation for agility and flexibility sets them apart in the industry. They work closely with clients across the globe in aerospace, military, automotive, industrial, sports, and medical industries to create exceptional, next-generation solutions.

Despite their stellar reputation and quality products, however, Axiom faced an uphill battle with their digital marketing strategy. They had virtually no visibility in the digital space, and they operate in an industry that traditionally does not invest in digital marketing services, particularly Google Ads and SEO marketing. Therefore, our team had to provide tangible results with our services quickly to showcase how effective these strategies can be for capturing new leads and closing sales. Now, Axiom is seeing a substantial boost in their online presence, which has resulted in more leads, more calls, and more revenue. Plus, their digital marketing materials now showcase the distinctive elements of their brand that set them apart from their competitors.

What Axiom Materials Needed From Their Marketing Services

The most prominent challenge Axiom faced was a lack of visibility in online searches. They did not have any existing digital marketing strategy, and although they did have a website, it was not being used as a lead or sales channel when we began working with them. We were able to show them the potential of having a sales-driven website with a defined lead funnel. With a website redesign supported by other digital marketing strategies, they are now reaching more people in an industry where competitors are struggling in similar ways to engage their audience. Thus, they are now outperforming those competitors and capturing much more audience attention and engagement.

Our Digital Marketing Plan and Execution

To build upon their digital marketing strategy, Axiom also needed a completely new website design, which is currently in development. However, their existing website is already performing much better with some minor tweaks and the support of supplemental digital marketing services. We helped them develop and launch a digital marketing strategy that included:

  • National SEO campaign
  • Content marketing through blogs and press releases
  • On-site SEO to optimize existing pages for target keywords, increase the length of existing content, and improve overall site experience
  • Google Ads campaigns
  • Lead generation tracking and reporting

Program Length and Results

We have been working with Axiom Materials for over a year now, but even within the first three months of rolling out a new digital strategy, we have already seen significant increases in their website traffic and keyword rankings for the products they sell. Now, we are currently running a comprehensive Google Ads campaign, which is critical within an industry where almost no competitors are running ads.

To measure campaign success, we tracked overall traffic coming to the website from various channels (organic search, ads, customer referrals, etc.). We also began tracking conversions and attribution reporting for their sales team using CallRail. Here are the key results we measured:

  • Traffic increased by more than 115% during our digital marketing campaign.
  • Axiom saw greater lead activity along with that boost in website traffic with significant increases in contact form submissions and phone calls.
  • One new client valued at $1M was attributed to their Google Ads campaign. That new customer alone paid for their investment in our services.

In Their Own Words

“Axiom has had a great experience working with Pixsan, and we are looking forward to continuing our relationship. Pixsan has done an amazing job at making the experience personable. They have become like family to us.”