Case Study: Kore Regenerative Medicine

Posted On: November 3, 2023

About Kore Regenerative Medicine

Founded and led by Dr. Jordanna Quinn, Kore Regenerative Medicine focuses on whole body healing, using the body’s own natural healing response. At Kore, Dr. Quinn and her team address injury and illness at a more basic, holistic level by attempting to repair damaged cells, genes, and organs. Combining the fields of chemistry, biology, medicine, computer science, engineering, and even robotics, regenerative medicine finds solutions for issues often deemed untreatable. Dr. Jordanna Quinn, D.O. is a board certified physician in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation with specialty training in Regenerative Medicine, Functional Medicine, Anti-Aging Medicine, and Medical Aesthetics. Due to her background in physical medicine, Dr. Quinn frequently works with athletes ranging from amateur to professional at Kore Regenerative Medicine.

The fields of functional and aesthetic medicine are highly competitive when it comes to digital marketing, so it can be challenging for even established practices to boost their SEO performance and drive up customer activity within their target region. However, by leveraging the right digital marketing strategies, we were able to help Kore Regenerative Medicine establish and grow their online presence, helping them become a well-known provider in Golden, CO, as well as a destination for specialized medical services for patients throughout the greater Denver Metro area.

What Kore Regenerative Medicine Needed From Their Marketing Services

Kore Regenerative Medicine is a relatively new medical practice, having opened their doors in 2019. When Dr. Quinn founded Kore, she was looking to build her practice by reaching out to those looking for the unique set of services she provides. When she came to Pixsan, her goal was to increase customer activity and brand awareness in the Golden, CO, area where her practice is located, as well as the greater Denver Metro area.

As a new practice, Kore was building a patient list from scratch, and they were not ranking in many relevant Google searches for the services they offer.

Our Digital Marketing Plan and Execution

Because a primary goal was to increase brand awareness and customer activity locally, our first step was to launch a local SEO program, which included redesigning and optimizing the practice’s website, optimizing their Google Business Profile, posting to the GBP once per week, and creating keyword-rich and relevant blog posts for their website. Additionally, we launched PPC ad campaigns on Facebook and Google to acquire new leads, boost brand recognition, and increase the number of patient appointments.

Program Length and Results

We have been working with Kore for several years, seeing traffic volume increases year over year on their website. When they came to us, their website had not been optimized for SEO and was not equipped with Google Analytics or submitted to Google for indexation. We quickly addressed these foundational issues and began improving rankings, allowing us to quickly see an improvement in the site’s SEO ranking for service-related keywords within the first three months of our services.

Through several years in partnership with us, Kore has seen an increase in overall volume, engagement, and conversions happening on their site. We saw traffic volume increase ~150% from 2021 to 2022 with an increase in keyword indexation of approximately 146% in the same time period. With these improvements in their site traffic and keyword performance, they have seen more new patient appointments, more phone calls originating from website visitors, and more form fills on their website.

In Their Own Words

“As a growing medical practice offering specialized services to a niche audience, Kore Regenerative Medicine needed the support of a digital marketing agency that could deliver real results with SEO services and paid advertising. Pixsan Solutions did just that, helping us establish a strong digital presence in Golden, CO to attract new patients and raise awareness of our functional medicine services. We are excited to continue seeing results and growing our practice!”