Case Study: SouthlandMD

Posted On: November 2, 2023

About SouthlandMD

SouthlandMD is a physician-owned and operated group that offers operational management and provider staffing. Their solutions include services in the fields of Emergency Medicine, Hospitalist Medicine, Behavioral Health, Specialty Care, and Outpatient Care programs.

SouthlandMD was developed to bring high-quality medical services back to hospitals and communities that were being run by large, distant staffing companies in which there was no consistency in physician quality or patient care. SouthlandMD is striving to bring back the idea of the small-town family doctor with the added bonuses of the training and experience of some of the area’s best medical practitioners. With an emphasis on quality, efficiency, and patient satisfaction, SouthlandMD has partnered with several hospitals and health care facilities to provide excellent patient care throughout Georgia, Florida, Alabama, and South Carolina.

What SouthlandMD Needed From Their Marketing Services

SouthlandMD’s network of providers bring years of experience and have a clear insight into the healthcare problems faced by hospitals and rural communities. Their principal physicians and management work closely with hospital and health system administration and all SouthlandMD providers to ensure goals and standards are consistently met. However, they were struggling to achieve the visibility they needed online to connect with healthcare facilities and attract a larger base of providers to adequately staff the facilities they support.

Our Digital Marketing Plan and Execution

SouthlandMD provides effective, high-quality solutions for hospitals in need of physician staffing, but they were not consistently ranking in search results. Additionally, they faced the challenge of having multiple target audiences with different goals: hospitals and medical facilities seeking staffing solutions and medical professionals looking for employment opportunities.

When SouthlandMD reached out to Pixsan in spring of 2021, they were aiming to target hospitals and medical facilities struggling to maintain full staffing during the height of the pandemic. Founder of SouthlandMD, Dr. Allen Lee, had three primary objectives when he came to us.

  • To show up in web searches as a staffing provider for medical facilities that they support.
  • To help recruit more medical professionals, allowing them to staff the facilities they support.
  • To ensure his bio and websites about him ranked on the top of the list when his name was searched on Google.

To achieve these goals, we launched a multifaceted digital marketing campaign that included:

  • Comprehensive SEO plan focused on the Southeastern states where SouthlandMD operates
  • Content marketing to boost SEO, engage target audiences, and showcase industry authority
  • Website rebuild for a smoother user experience and improved SEO performance
  • Supplementary IT and web services to improve technical site performance, CRM, recruitment, and more

Program Length and Results

We have been working with SouthlandMD for more than two years, and we began to see results in their search performance within three months, with even more improvement over the first six months of partnership with Pixsan.

SouthlandMD has seen an increase in qualified traffic reaching their site through organic search, an improvement in ranking for select keywords, and a higher volume of conversions on their site. These metrics have continued to improve, and keyword indexation has increased approximately 220%.

As a result of this improved site performance, SouthlandMD has experienced more site visitors and a higher rate of applications from qualified medical professionals. They are also seeing higher rankings on important, high-competition keywords including “medical staffing” and “hospital staffing” in the southeast. They have also gained more visibility for their behavioral health staffing services.

Showcasing the accomplishments and story of SouthlandMD’s founder, Dr. Lee, was also a critical component of the campaign, and we helped him achieve more consistent and favorable search results with the SouthlandMD site being featured more prominently when users Google Dr. Lee by name.

In Their Own Words

“Pixsan has helped SouthlandMD show up on the front page of Google. We needed to be found by physicians and hospital CEOs and with the help of Pixsan to optimize our site, focus on key terms and even our CEO name, we are getting noticed. They understand the digital landscape and are affordable for all the services they provide. They become an extension of your marketing/IT team.”