FAQ Page: Lead Generation/ Digital Marketing

How long does it take to start seeing more traffic/leads?

The short answer is it depends.  Each client situation is different but we generally begin seeing increases in rankings, traffic, and leads within the first few months of our engagement.  The timeline does depend on a number of things including the current status of your site which is our starting point.  once you begin working […]

How do I track my progress?

Our goal is to be an extension of your business development and online marketing teams so we schedule monthly meetings to review the progress we are making, our accomplishments during the past month, and our goals for the next month.  Together we come up with a list of tasks that will ensure we are meeting […]

Can I review content before it’s published?

Yes!  We never publish or post any content without it being reviewed and approved by you first.  We want to ensure we get the messaging and your voice correct first.  Our talented writers can usually get up to speed within the first few pieces of content they write.

Do you write your own content?

Yes! Our talented writers are skilled in many different topics and industries.  Occasionally we will hire freelance writers for highly technical content pieces that require a specific niche writer.

What marketing services are included in my plan?

Each plan is unique to your specific situation but can include such services as SEO, site optimizations, content marketing, social media marketing, content syndication, analytics, lead gen tracking, Google maps optimizations, and Pay per Click (PPC) advertising. Our team will come up with a combination that will provide the highest ROI for your budget.

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